The last word
in CX 

The last word
in CX

What if…

  • What if customers want to contact me on every channel, 24×7?
  • What if they never want to want to queue?
  • What if they want to move to live assistance whenever they need to?
  • And what if I want to offer all this – autonomously – while keeping things human?

The good news? With Buzzeasy, you can do all this and more. And you won’t have to rip-and-replace your existing technology to do it

So what is Buzzeasy

Now a powerful, AI-infused technology, Buzzeasy sits between your customer and your contact centre.

It automates customer conversations across all channels, including speech enabled smart devices like Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Customers can communicate with your brand instantly at any point in their digital journey, then effortlessly connect to the contact centre if they need to.


Proactively engage your customers in conversation at any point on their digital journey with you.


Offer them help and natural language self-service – any time, any channel.


Connect them to seamless live-assistance without ever having to queue.

What’s not to love?

From Bots, Messaging and Callback, to Outbound SMS and cross-channel customer Surveys, Buzzeasy offers the most complete and automated CX solution from the Cloud.

  • BuzzBot is Buzzeasy’s exciting new conversational bot that can support your customers 24/7/365.
  • Buzzeasy Messaging is the 2-way messaging platform that works across SMS, Webchat and Social to let your customers connect with you as easily as they can with their friends.
  • Buzzeasy Campaign powers outbound SMS notifications so you can proactively inform, alert and engage your customers, with the added benefit of auto hand-off to callback or live-messaging when needed.
  • Buzzeasy Survey lets you gather instant, after-service feedback across channels, so you can react to negative responses instantly with rescue callback.

Your Building Blocks
for Stand-Out Customer Service

Buzzeasy services are the building blocks for your stand-out customer service.  They can work independently or in combination, so you can choose to use one service or use them all: it’s up to you. Buzzeasy makes it easy to start small and scale at your own pace.

Cheaper, more convenient, less disruptive, Buzzeasy works with every contact centre, so you won’t have to rip-and-replace your existing technologies. And as no infrastructure changes or integration activity is required, Buzzeasy and be deployed and operational within hours.

The fastest, easiest way of providing stand-out service to today’s digitally-demanding customers is by making the customer journey as seamless as possible. It’s what every business knows it should be doing – yet most don’t know where to start.

With Buzzeasy – you do: And it’s going to put you streets ahead of your competition.

But don’t just take
our word for it…