Reach more customers more quickly – with more success

Buzzeasy Survey offers a multi-channel approach for gathering fast, actionable insight from your customer feedback via SMS and IVR – but with a critical distinction: Buzzeasy Survey is unique in that can initiate a callback when negative feedback is received so that a dissatisfied customer can quickly be converted into a devoted and loyal fan.

Multichannel surveys

Surveying your customers using a multichannel approach, including SMS and IVR, is the key to achieving high response rates and accurate, actionable insight.

Buzzeasy Survey’s mobile-friendly SMS strategy offers the fastest and least intrusive method of reaching your customers. And being a medium of communication that people widely use and like, SMS messages generate the highest open and response rates compared to any other channel.

But to make sure that you reach every customer, Buzzeasy Survey can also initiate seamless IVR, or ‘after call’ surveys which have the benefit of acquiring feedback as close to the point of an interaction as possible whilst the memory of the experience is still fresh in the mind of the customer.

Callback: an incredibly powerful customer satisfaction tool

The importance of service recovery cannot be overestimated. The ability to reach out swiftly to those customers who have scored your company poorly in a survey enables you to react quickly to address their concerns and to strengthen your bond with them.

An incredibly powerful customer satisfaction tool, the Buzzeasy callback rapidly turns a negative customer experience into a highly positive one. Better still, it adds that all important personal touch to your customer service that shows you’re an organization that cares.

Easy-to-use, web based user interface

Buzzeasy Survey lets you plan, create, schedule and launch automated targeted surveys in minutes from its easy-to-use, web-based user interface.


Get easy, instant access to downloadable reports in different file formats from Buzzeasy Survey’s intuitive user interface, so you can monitor and analyze results for the fastest of business decisions.