Connect with customers wherever they are

Whether your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, the web, or SMS, they want to connect with you as easily as they can with their friends.  And now with Buzzeasy Message they can.

Your customers will be able to message you from your mobile apps, your website, or your social pages, raising your customer satisfaction scores, boosting your inbound marketing, and significantly reducing your customer service costs.

Make it personal. Make it seamless

Providing exceptional customer experience requires continuity with a personal touch.  Buzzeasy Message always knows who the customer is and greets them by name. And as customers switch between channels, Buzzeasy Message keeps the conversation flowing as it can pick up the conversation from wherever it left off.

Joining the Bots

Since Buzzeasy Message is part of the CX Orchestration Platform, every autonomous customer interaction via Buzzbot can be clearly and smoothly transitioned to Buzzeasy Message. Agents are provided with specific information collected during the bot chat, plus the full conversation history, so that they always have everything they need to continue the conversation uninterrupted.

Make wait-time history

As Buzzeasy Message is omni-channel, your webchat customers will no longer have to wait for an agent to become free: they can simply request a callback or switch to using a messaging service that includes notifications.  Buzzeasy Message engages the next available agent and enables the conversation to continue over the customer’s preferred channel.

Reporting is key

Buzzeasy’s real-time reports ensure you can continually refine your sales and service performance. But AI, Big Data and analytics are the life-blood of any successful organization. So, to give you that all-important big picture and actionable business insight, Buzzeasy Message feeds directly into Microsoft’s Power BI to amalgamate Buzzeasy’s standard reports and data with other contact centre, business, and customer information.

It’s  just so Buzzeasy

It’s simple to add Buzzeasy Message to your web or social media site, integrate it with your contact centre,  or plug it in to your CRM and unified communication platform.  Requiring no infrastructure changes or integration activity, Buzzeasy can be deployed and operational in hours. And with no upfront costs, Buzzbot offers a powerful high-end solution – without the high-end price tag.