Reach more customers more quickly – with more success

Buzzeasy Campaign is a low-cost way to connect with more customers more quickly, without infringing Ofcom regulations, and while making the customer journey as easy and as accessible as possible.

When customers have easy access to an immediate and highly personalized service – entirely at their own convenience – texts with callback become a valued and appreciated customer service. People no longer have to wait endlessly on hold, restate information, or make repeat calls. The result? Customer satisfaction soars, trust increases, and stronger relationships are forged.

Two-dimensional SMS

Unlike other one-dimensional, one-way SMS solutions, Buzzeasy Campaign can run compelling SMS campaigns that include interactive callback requests. Customers can simply reply to an SMS message to request a personal callback as soon as an agent is free, or they can schedule a callback at a time that suits them best.

Updates, informs & engages – in real-time

Designed to work with any contact centre, Buzzeasy Campaign continually monitors wait times, matching demand with capacity to ensure that customers are only called back when agents with the right skills are free to assist. And while customers are kept engaged with real-time digital updates on the progress of their callback, Buzzeasy Campaign ensures that every call is transitioned to an agent with full customer context via agent whisper, dashboards and optional screen-pops. As a result, the agent always knows who they are talking to and why, and the customer always receives a personal greeting, and never has to repeat their information.

A powerful high-end solution – without the high-end price tag

Inherently secure, quick to deploy and easy to use, Buzzeasy Campaign works seamlessly with any call centre infrastructure (inbound and outbound), and offers a powerful high-end solution – without the pain of a high-end price tag.

Buzzeasy Campaign represents the fastest, most economical, and successful way of engaging customers in a conversation, achieving the highest open rates within just minutes of a text being received. With no upfront costs, your organization will connect only with those people who are genuinely interested in your offers, and who are available and willing to engage – cutting rejection rates and shrinking your operational costs.

Smooth demand, reduce costs & make customers happy

With its ability to send texts to customers, offering a callback when an agent is free or scheduled for later, Buzzeasy Campaign smooths call volumes and enables much more efficient staffing.