Connects any digital channel to the contact centre

Digital channels are a great way for customers to search for products and services, and yet there are times when people need to speak with an agent.

With Buzzeasy Callback’s ability to process and understand your visitors’ free-text, and to make your mobile and web channels highly responsive with the addition of call-me buttons, your customers can be rapidly transitioned from digital self-service to live agent. From Skype and your QR codes and barcodes to your Facebook page and other social media channels, your customers can request a personal callback – for now or later – from just about anywhere.

And while customers wait for their callback, Buzzeasy Callback keeps them fully engaged and informed with real-time digital updates on the progress of their call.

Offer a genuinely beneficial choice to waiting callers

It’s no secret that people hate waiting, so when they’re given the choice of leaving a queue without losing their place in line and receiving a callback at their own convenience, (as soon as an agent is free, or scheduled for later) you’re offering them something truly special: Time.

Buzzeasy Callback removes the frustration of waiting in a queue with unknown queue times, interminable hold music, and the inability to do anything else. Eliminating the queue experience entirely for the customer demonstrates the importance you place on customer service. And in respecting that a customer’s time is precious, you show that every customer call is valued. And in terms of customer satisfaction – that’s invaluable.

The WOW factor

Buzzeasy Callback offers you and your customers a genuinely beneficial choice, and its dependable technology ensures that you always deliver on your callback promise. This means that customers are on your side from the start, so that when their call is returned, your agents will be greeted positively with ‘Wow! Thanks for calling me back’. And relaxed customers and relaxed agents lead to a greater quality of service, and a marked increase in first call resolution.

Match demand with capacity

Designed to work with any contact centre, Buzzeasy Callback continually monitors wait times, matching demand with capacity to ensure that customers are only called back when agents with the right skills are free to assist. And while customers are kept engaged with real-time digital updates on the progress of their callback, Buzzeasy Callback ensures that every call is transitioned to an agent with full customer context via agent whisper, dashboards and optional screen-pops.

Updates, informs and engages – in real-time

We’ve all been there: stuck in a call queue with no idea of how long we’ll have to wait to be answered. Buzzeasy Callback strips away this major source of irritation by keeping callers informed every step of the way.

At busy periods, callers are updated with estimated wait times so they can decide if they want to remain in the queue, or opt to have their queue position held automatically and be called back as soon as an agent is available.

Smooth demand, reduce costs & make customers happy

Catering for variable demand is a real headache. The simple solution is to increase staff numbers in peak periods, but this comes at high cost and inevitably leads to surplus staff capacity at other times. The smarter, more cost-effective way is to offer them the convenience of a callback – as soon as an agent is free, or scheduled for later.

With call volumes flattened and callback requests always routed to the most appropriate agent, Buzzeasy Callback reduces idle time while optimizing productivity. And because customers no longer have the frustration of waiting in a queue, abandoned calls plummet and customer expectation is surpassed.

Screen-pop integration

So that your agents always know who they are talking to and why, every call is delivered to the contact centre with key customer information – including browsing history.

When Buzzeasy Callback places a callback to your agents, it provides them with the customer’s callback number, using Calling Line Identification (CLI). This makes it possible for your existing screen-pop to identify the customer and to provide their details seamlessly to your agents. With up-to-the-minute customer information to hand, your agents can provide a faster, more personalized service.

And if you don’t have an intelligent screen-pop? No problem. Buzzeasy works with all other Geomant solutions, including DeskTop Connect and Contact Expert, both of which deliver out-of-the-box screen-pops as standard.

Buzzeasy hybrid solutions: offering the best of all worlds

The Buzzeasy hybrid solution adds the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to your on-premises voice infrastructure without sacrificing security or control. A highly secure connection from the Buzzeasy cloud to your on-premises voice infrastructure can be established via Microsoft Azure, eliminating any additional telephony costs related to the Buzzeasy service. As part of the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Buzzeasy service can be used anywhere in the world, and because call traffic is local, Buzzeasy becomes even more cost effective, while PCI compliance becomes much simpler to achieve.