Anytime, Anywhere Multichannel Engagement

Buzzbot can be used across multiple channels to increase interactions and reach more customers. And if they switch between channels and devices? No problem. Buzzbot can follow them to continue the conversation uninterrupted.

From within your social pages (e.g. Facebook and Facebook Messenger), webpages, mobile apps, and from Skype, Buzzbot can support your customers ultra-conveniently. And soon Buzzbot will be available for SMS, Email, and IoT channels – such as Amazon Echo via Alexa.

Seamless Hand-off to Live Assistance

A unique feature of Buzzbot is its ability to transfer customers seamlessly from any channel to live-assisted service when needed, and at the same time to provide the advisor with all the information they need to continue the conversation uninterrupted.

If live assistance is not immediately available, Buzzbot will wait on the customer’s behalf, and notify them when an advisor is free via their preferred messaging platform – from where the conversation can continue. Buzzbot can also send notifications via interactive SMS or mobile app, or it can offer to call the customer back at a time convenient to them.

What’s more, Buzzbot integrates natively with Microsoft Teams so that customer conversations can be quickly transitioned to anyone in the organization to help resolve queries faster and more efficiently.

You Only Have to Ask!

Buzzbot uses advanced natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning to offer an automated self-service experience that is as conversational and natural as it is compelling.

Eliminating the need to navigate websites or fill in endless forms, Buzzbot takes account of content and context to chat with customers naturally and intelligently to guide them easily through the self-serve process to a fast resolution.

Interactive Chatbot Content

To make the most of every customer interaction for you and for your customers, your offers, vouchers, and suggestions can be easily inserted into chatbot conversations, using single or multiple picture cards. Consumers can simply click on a picture card to select or view more information.

You can also insert dynamic, clickable buttons into a chat at any point for an even quicker, more intuitive interaction. Perfect for process driven transactions.

Propel Customer Experience to New Heights of Excellence

Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Buzzbot delivers the highest levels of automation, personalization, and customer satisfaction through a combination of intelligent self- and assisted-service so that the customer service you offer is second to none.

Buzzbot’s omnichannel accessibility and always-on service means that your customers can get all the information they need, from any touchpoint, at the moment they need it –  without ever having to wait.

Personalize Every Interaction

Customer identification personalizes interactions to make them faster and easier. But for most of us filling in chat forms is slow and frustrating. Buzzbot removes this chore by capturing customer information at the initial point of contact so that customers never have to repeat information and every response is a tailored  to them.

Customers are identified from their Facebook or Skype profile, their web page or mobile app login, or by their SMS or phone number. And since Buzzbot integrates with CRM, eCommerce, and order processing systems, it can use the information these generate to offer an even more personal and effective service.

Proactive Outbound

Anticipating the needs of your customer is key to providing the ultimate wait-less customer experience.

Working with ContactMe, Buzzbot can make outbound proactive contact with customers and engage with them autonomously in 2-way interactions. Whether it’s to anticipate transactional services or provide further assistance, Buzzbot can send proactive notifications to customers via SMS or phone message – with the option to be called back. It can even respond to actionable data provided by customers’ smart devices.

And in the same way as standard inbound interactions, Buzzbot Outbound always provides effortless transition to live assistance when needed.

Connected Knowledge

Buzzbot connects seamlessly with corporate knowledge management systems (KMS) to support the chatbot’s conversational information. Buzzbot also connects with QnA, Microsoft’s own KMS, which distils information from FAQ web pages, product manuals and documents to create a powerful knowledge base in minutes.

Simple Integration

Because it’s so easy to add Buzzbot to any digital channel, you can be offering your customers the benefit of intelligent bot-assisted chat in next to no time.

And as Buzzbot integrates seamlessly with contact centres and corporate messaging platforms, such as Avaya, Geomant, Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, your advisors can chat with customers without any need for a separate messaging user interface. Buzzbot also integrates with any CRM, eCommerce, or knowledge management system that supports webhooks, RESTful or SOAP web services.

Easy Administration

An intuitive, online administration portal makes Buzzbot easy to configure and manage. From a single location, you can set up role-based user access manage the elements of customer information to be collected either automatically or during the conversation before transition to live assistance, or to manage corporate contact centre or messaging platform integration.

Operational Efficiency

With its ability to automate repetitive tasks, alleviate mundane functions from your customer service adivisors, and its instant accessibility, and always-on service, Buzzbot significantly increases contact centre efficiency. Customers can resolve issues on their own, lowering call volumes and leaving your employees free to help with more complex interactions or more nuanced enquiries. And since self-service interactions are cheaper than live agent engagement, Buzzbot will considerably reduce your resource costs.

The Bottom Line

For your customers, Buzzbot offers the quickest, most intelligent and most frictionless way for them to engage, discover and transact with you;  and for your business it means significantly lowered costs, increased efficiency, greater productivity – and an increase in that all-important bottom line.