Buzzeasy SMS with Callback – Frequently Asked Questions 

SMS as a customer service solution is becoming more popular as it’s a low-cost way to connect with more customers more quickly. By leveraging the power of SMS communications contact centres can keep in touch with customers, conduct post-call customer satisfaction surveys, send alerts, reminders, notifications and more. And using the Buzzeasy platform, contact centres can take campaigns even further by giving customers the option to request an interactive call back directly from a message, either straight away or at a time that suits them best. But how much do you know about implementing SMS with callback in your contact centre? In this blog, we explore some of the most commonly asked questions about Buzzeasy’s SMS services with Callback.

 1. Q – Does Callback work with my IVR? 

A: Yes, Buzzeasy can be configured to apply DTMF for simple IVR flows. The recommendation for Buzzeasy Callback is to provision a Direct Dial-In number for each campaign rather than using IVR. 

 2. Q – Does Callback work with my Contact Centre? 

A: Yes, Buzzeasy Callbacks are ACD agnostic. The automated callback will wait in the queue until answered by an agent. 

3. Q – Will the number be withheld when the customer is called? 

A: No, as Ofcom guidance says that the recipient should be able to identify the caller and be able to dial them back, so a number must be displayed and should be identifiable. 

 4. Q – Can Buzzeasy send SMS so that the recipient sees a name or short number rather than long mobile number? 

A: Short numbers and name only outbound SMS’ are supported but cannot be used if a customer response to the outbound SMS is required. These are effective for information/marketing campaigns only. 

5. Q – What is the cost of each outbound SMS message?* 

A : 0.03p per SMS Segment to UK numbers.  

6. Q – What is the cost of each callback minute? *

A: The callback minute cost is 0.6p per UK landline number and 1.9p per UK mobile number.   

7. Q – Can I bring my own outbound mobile phone numbers? 

A: In order to enable SMS responses, workflow, and escalation to Callback and Two-Way Messaging, Geomant provides the required outbound mobile numbers as part of the service.

8. Q – How does my agent know the inbound call is a Buzzeasy Callback? 

A: The agent receives a whisper before accepting the Buzzeasy Callback. Once accepted, the agent receives an additional whisper that contains the customer name and other information (dependent on available data).  

9. Q – Can I route SMS campaigns to a chat channel rather than callback? 

A: Yes, outbound SMS campaigns can be created to offer a voice callback or two-way chat (messaging) with an agent. 

10. Q – What happens if too many callbacks are scheduled and the call centre is unable to process them all before the end of the working day? Will the outstanding callbacks be rescheduled the following day? 

A: Buzzeasy can be tailored – so for example, you can create your own callback slot times and could limit them so that no callbacks are offered during the last hour of the day, allowing time for any backlog to be cleared. Also, the callbacks can be staggered to spread them out evenly thus avoiding large numbers of callbacks being made at the same time. So, in sort, outstanding callbacks are not automatically rescheduled as the recipient should expect a call in the time they requested, and you can tailor the platform so that this happens seamlessly.

11. Q – How does Buzzeasy report metrics for campaigns? 

A: The callbacks can be shown separately in reports or can be included in the total outbound calls report. We provide standard reports but also can discuss bespoke 3rd party system integration if appropriate API’s or similar are available. 

12. Q – What happens if too many customers request a call back during the same time slot? Will they spill over into the next time slot? 

A: You can manage the callback slots to a granular level via the Buzzeasy Portal, you can create custom time slots throughout the day and specify the capacity for each time-slot so that they don’t spill over.   


*Prices stated are at the time of writing and may vary in the future.