Buzzeasy: The best just got better

Customer feedback—a critical component of the successful development of Buzzeasy’s cloud-based customer contact solution—has again provided valuable insights that have helped to inform Buzzeasy’s latest enhancements.

In-Queue Callback Flow Enhancement

To make things faster for callers to get things done, Buzzeasy’s in-queue callback flow has been simplified for companies offering both virtual-hold and scheduled callback services to their customers. Customer feedback identified that rather than combining the virtual hold option with the available callback appointment times it would be better to separate the two. So that’s what we’ve done: the option to be called back as soon as an agent is free is offered to callers first, and the option to receive a scheduled callback is offered after. The available callback appointment times are now only provided once the customer has selected a schedule callback. to provide a better caller experience.

New Campaign Import Dashboard

A new performance dashboard in the Buzzeasy Portal has made it easy to monitor the progress of campaign imports to Buzzeasy AskMe or Buzzeasy TextMe. When users want to make checks of their daily or weekly campaign imports, whether manual or automated, a quick glimpse at the Buzzeasy Portal will give them full insight into the status of a newly imported file or multiple automated file imports. The dashboard flags any record that fails to import and will describe the cause of the error, so that corrections can be quickly made.

New SMS Campaign Activity Dashboard

The Buzzeasy Portal now provides greater visibility into SMS campaign usage and data. From a single location, users can drill down into campaign activity to see real-time views, itemized historical views, and graphical views, to monitor and manage the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns and report on performance.

Instant Callback

Companies can now connect instantly with their online and mobile customers by offering them the convenience of an instant and free callback. For the customer, this means easier, faster service, while for the company it provides the ability to respond rapidly to customer needs, reducing website abandonment, increasing conversion rates, and ensuring a highly positive first impression.

By adding a call-me-now button to a company’s website or to their chatbot, Buzzeasy CallMe lets online visitors request an instant callback for the fastest customer service. Buzzeasy TextMe also lets mobile customers request an instant callback by simply replying ‘yes’ to a text message. Customers are connected immediately with an agent or placed in a priority contact centre queue and connected with the next available agent.


Using the latest Microsoft Azure Cloud and Bot technology Buzzeasy revolutionizes the way customers can engage with organizations.

Buzzeasy transitions customers from any digital channel to live voice automatically so that customers need never wait on hold again.